ActronCP9550 -Auto Scanner

One of the most common problems that every motorist or car enthusiast will face sooner or later, is finding out that the infamous “check engine” warning light has been activated!

This is because this light is used as a warning for a wide variety of problems which range anywhere from false alarms to non important ones that one can easily fix by himself, to critical issues that need to be taken care of by a professional mechanic as soon as possible, in order to avoid causing further and even irreparable damage to the car!

The problem is, that even if you are real petrol head, you’ll still have to pay visit to a professional car mechanic in order to figure out exactly why the “check engine” light got turned on and what the problem with your car is!

Well, I’m pleased to say that I have some very good news for you! Thanks to some recent and very  important advances in car diagnostic technology, you will no longer have to take that trip to your repair shop every time the “check engine” light comes on!

This is because all a mechanic does in order to get a diagnosis on your car, is hook up a device called a code reader to a special port on your car’s CPU! He does that simply because all cars built after 1996, and even many models before that, are equipped with a special diagnostic system and protocol called OBD2!

Actron CP9550 car scannerThis system allows the car’s CPU to create and store in its memory special codes every time it detects a malfunction on one of the car’s components, thus making the diagnosis process really quick and easy!

You may be wondering what this all has to do with you not having to visit your mechanic because of the warning any more, well, you see up until recently, those obd ii scanner tools were exclusively available to professional car mechanics, but now they have become so cheap and easy to use, that pretty much anyone can own and use one!

In this review, we’ll take a look at the Actron CP9550 Pocketscan Tool, one of the most popular and best car code reader devices on the market!



The brand new Actron CP9550 PocketScan Plus is easily one of the most compact and easy to use car diagnostic tools on the market, making it extremely easy to store and to keep it with you or in your car at all times! Its cool features don’t stop there though!

Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, it’s one of the most powerful and accurate code readers for cars! It will retrieve all trouble codes quickly and easily, in order to provide you with a very detailed and precise diagnosis! But it does more than just retrieve and display trouble data codes!

The amazing car code reader CP9550 by Actron can also provide you with freeze frame test data, detailed VIN information and it can even carry out the all important Inspection Maintenance readiness test! This will ensure that you have unstopped entertainment.

It’s ideal for use by both petrol heads and less experienced car owners alike in order to determine whether the car actually needs a trip to the mechanic and to find out whether the problem has indeed been fixed when the car will return after its repair session!


  • The Actron CP9550 will provide you with a really accurate and detailed diagnosis of your cars troubles in a matter of seconds!
  • Thanks to its very compact size, you can easily store the Actron PocketScan CP9550 in your car’s glove compartment, in order to keep in handy in case you need it!
  • It can easily retrieve all trouble codes stored in the memory of your car’s CPU, in order to make the final diagnosis as detailed and precise as possible!
  • The Actron CP9550 auto code reader is very versatile since apart from trouble codes, it can also display freeze frame test data and it can even be used to monitor the status of your car’s Inspection Maintenance readiness level!
  • It’s fully compatible with all OBDII cars, that is all car models built from 1996 onwards regardless of make, type o country of origin, as well as all cars using the CAN protocols!





  1. Really easy to use!
  2. Extremely compact, which makes storing and carrying it very easy!
  3. It can retrieve and display all OBDII software codes and definitions!
  4. It’s also fully compatible with cars using the CAN protocols!
  5. You can use it to get data on your cars Inspection Maintenance readiness level!
  6. It has a Freeze Frame Data function, allowing you to pinpoint the cause of each problem easily!


  1. It can’t be upgraded via the web.
  2. It can get stuck in the OBD port of certain models if you’re not careful while using it.