While I always wanted a family, I had never pictured myself as a Stay at Home Mom.  But, after finishing graduate school and celebrating my son’s first birthday, I took stock and realized that’s just what I was.  I was staying at home, and I was happy that way!

I began looking for jobs after I completed my Master’s in Library Science but found obstacles at every turn.  For one, the job market was slim, particularly in my field and in northern California where budget crises were rampant.  For another, the jobs I could find would just barely offset the cost of child care.  And, with my husband in the military, we would be moving again soon, anyway, and the search would start all over.  So, I had to ask myself whether I really wanted to work that badly when my little guy would be spending five days a week with strangers while I barely brought home any expendable income at a job I would probably not enjoy much.  The answer was a resounding, NO!

I love spending each day with my son, watching the new things he learns–and learning the things he teaches me–creating new experiences for him, and making sure he gets the love, nutrition, and interaction he needs to grow up the way my husband and I hope he will.  I wasn’t willing to sacrifice that for a few hundred dollars a month after daycare expenses. And now that we have two little guys, I’m even more certain of my decision.

But, I felt like I needed something to do.  Something to occupy my time during naps or those rare moments to myself that would not only give me a sense of accomplishment but hopefully provide some valuable information and entertainment for others, while also creating an archive of our family experiences that my son can look back on when he’s older.  And, thus, The Education of a Stay at Home Mom was born.

Here you will find articles and information on my family (including my wonderful husband, Tristan, and my adorable sons, Donovan and Avery), family activities, trials and frustrations, useful (and not so useful) products, entertainment, and many other aspects of my daily life as a I learn what it means to be a Stay at Home Mom and my sons teach me how to be a parent.  I hope you enjoy!


Kaity, Stay at Home Mom in Training