Colossal meaning

What does colossal mean? It means something that is gigantic in its size and proportion.

Noun: -colossality  for more

Adjective: -supercolossal

Examples: –

  • India is looking to build a colossal statue of Dr BR Ambedkar, and this is truly going to be a spectacular what watching.
  • The colossal statue by various politicians in the Indian Parliament should not be a thing; rather, that amount of money should be spent in the welfare of people.
  • One of the few things about this colossal mistake is that it will not only end up eating into a lot of profits, but it would also result in a lot of people losing their jobs.
  • There are a lot of colossal structures to be found in New York; wherever you lay your eyes, you find yourself looking into one such structure.
  • There are numerous monuments and colossal buildings that you can find in Paris. However, most of them are decorated keeping in mind the authenticity and the beauty that the city of Paris brings to the picture.
  • The naxalites brought about a colossal explosion by the use of IEDs when they blew up a truck carrying military personnel in India.¬†