Sesame Place’s Halloween Spooktacular!

*Disclosure: I received a complementary ticket and a discount on additional tickets for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

Our family had such a Spooktacular time on our first trip to Sesame Place last week! Having recently moved to northern Virginia, we were very excited to be within driving distance of Sesame Place, located in Langhorne, PA just outside Philadelphia. It’s an entire amusement park geared toward families with young children. Donovan, at four years old, was big enough to ride all of the rides, and Avery, at two years old, was only too small for two of them! In the whole park!

The size of the park is great for small kids, too. It’s got plenty of things to keep them entertained all day, but it’s not so big that you feel like you’ve been dragged halfway across the world by the end of the day. Most of the lines weren’t terribly long, either. I think the longest we waited all day was about 15 minutes. And we had beautiful fall sunshine throughout the day—no melting in the hot summer sun!

Right now, they have The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular in full swing. The park is decorated for Halloween, and there are Trick or Treat stations set up throughout for the kids to collect some treats. They also have several special attractions for the event, including the Count’s Un-Haunted Halloween Maze. The boys loved the wonky mirrors and finding all the numbers and animals hidden throughout the twists and turns.

Donovan’s favorite ride was the swings. He was scared to get on it, but he was brave and ended up loving it. He asked to go on it again later that day.

Avery, as usual, liked the carousel best—that kid would literally ride a carousel all day long if we let him.

Unfortunately, nearly half the park is water rides which are closed for the season. But, they looked like so much fun! We are already planning a trip back next summer to check them out. The lazy river looked especially fun…it was really long! And Avery kept asking why we couldn’t go play on the water structures…he’s definitely a water bug. But, we had an amazing time, despite the closures.

If you live on the east coast and have small children, Sesame Place is definitely not to be missed. It was so nice to be in a place geared specifically toward little kids, where they could ride and participate in everything. They also have various opportunities to meet the Sesame Street characters, though we skipped those since our kids are not fans of costumed characters. Right now, Sesame Place is open only on weekends, and will reopen daily in summer of 2015. Check out their website for more information and ticketing: Sesame Place. We will definitely be going back!